The Gilroy Traditional SaluteThe salute of the raised mid-digit - or "impertinent finger" if you will - is intended as a worthy challenge to other brewers to brew a better beer. We believe it is an impossible feat.

As legend has it (according to Geat Aunt Amy, the family historian) Alousius Gilroy, renowned brew master of Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Ireland, first used this glorious gesture circa 1856.
And after one and a half centuries, the challenge still stands intact.

An alternative and more plausible interpretation may be that "There can only be one."

The raised mid-digit appears on the Gilroy coat of arms, and features on all things Gilroy. Celebrate the day, and order a Gilroy today. Raise the mid-digit, smile broadly (this is imperative to avoid injury) and say "Another fine Gilroy Ale please."

Oh, and when ordering two Gilroy Ales, the polite thing to do is to raise two HANDS, each with the mid-digit raised in the traditional manner.


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The Legend of the Gauntlet


Every tour of the Gilroy Brewery includes a recounting of the great and famous Legend of the Gauntlet. Every tour ends with the traditional salute!  Read about this fine tradition.

And of course the Ode to the Raised Middle Finger may be inspiring too!